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Nebido 250 Mg - Bayer Schering

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient: Testosterone Undecanoate

Package: 250mg/4ml 1amp

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Nebido 250mg Bayer Schering

Nebido is a brand name for testosterone undecanoate manufactured by Bayer Pharmaceuticals. 

Nebido is a synthetic variant of testosterone produced naturally by the body. It possesses a robust androgenic activity with mild anabolic activity. It has a half-life of 3+ months

Its primary use is in the treatment of symptoms associated with low testosterone level in men. It is also used in androgen replacement therapy for transgender men. It also helps to develop and maintain secondary sexual characteristics in an adolescent with delayed puberty. It increases sexual desire, prevents muscle and bone loss.

Among bodybuilders, it enhances the level of protein synthesis, improves nitrogen retention, lowers level of glucocorticoid hormone, and elevates red blood cell count.

Nebido dosage is broken down as follows:

Each ml in the injection solution contains 250 mg testosterone undecanoate. This equates to approximately 158 mg of testosterone.

A 4 mL solution (ampule/vial) contains 1000 mg of testosterone undecanoate. This averages out to approximately 630 mg testosterone.

In medical scenarios, one ampule/vial is injected into a patient every 10 to 14 weeks depending on consistent (or not) testosterone levels

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