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Winstrol is the name of the anabolic steroid Stanozolol. Winstrol is not so similar to other anabolic steroids because it is labeled safe for consumption according to the FDA. This, therefore, means that it is legal and can be sold as such and that finding it will not be as challenging as other anabolic steroids. You may be wondering why it is safe. Well, one thing that stands out and makes it safe and popular also is its ability to survive the digestive tract as in addition to the liver, remaining whole long enough to be absorbed by the body. This increases its popularity as an oral steroid tablet (as opposed to injection). Just like other anabolic steroids, the benefits of Winstrol are so many to those that result in boosting physical strength. It falls under the category of steroids used in cutting cycles. 

Cutting cycles do not always include the immense growth of muscles in terms of size, but instead focuses on defining these muscles. Cycling these cutting periods, individuals have the opportunity to build a stronger and more fully robust physique while also providing the body especially the liver and the kidneys, as well as the muscles an opportunity to recover. Obtaining so many amazing benefits in the cutting cycle is possible. At the same time, when abused so many issues can develop, especially when anabolic steroids are used in competitions. While actively using the drug during a competition or performance is uncommon, many more people will use anabolic steroids during the off-season. 

Hence, some athletes have their cutting cycle correspond with the off-season, providing a chance to use some illegal anabolic steroids without any risk of being discovered. Winstrol has been used for both animals and humans. The noted effects include an increase in strength of bones, increase in the number of red blood cells, improving hunger, and also drug horses illegally for competition purposes. Winstrol is one of the most renown and common anabolic steroids in the world today. It was produced by Winthrop Laboratories in the late 1950’s; this anabolic steroid has received a lot of attention from the media in the past years. 

In fact, even if you do not have experience with anabolic steroids, if they can name a steroid it is usually Winstrol or Stanozolol. The brand Winstrol is the most associated one of the Stanozolol hormone. Due to many athletic misconducts in the past years, this anabolic steroid has gathered worldwide attention. When various athletes have been discovered using anabolic steroids, Winstrol has been at the forefront of the scandal countless times. In short, it is associated with the most critical athletic steroid misconduct in history.

History of Stanozolol (Winstrol)

In the year 1959, what is now Winstrol was first produced. Later it was released in the year 1962 as Winthrop Laboratories, Winstrol later found its ways to American markets. It underwent various tests and discovered that it successfully treated a wide range of various conditions. Winstrol can be used to treat conditions like anemia as well as angioedema. In addition, it has been used to help children who suffer from growth retardation as well as those who suffer from osteoporosis.

Nevertheless, the most famous use of Winstrol is for sports. As at 1970’s, the FDA was cracking down on anabolic steroids and started to limit what the drug could be cleared for, by only for treating osteoporosis and promoting growth. By the 1980’s, the drug was no longer produced for American markets, instead oversees markets where booming with it and there it lasted for decades. In markets outside the US, it has frequently been used as a way to treat anemia due to how it improves red blood cell count in the body. 

After some time, the production and manufacturing of Winstrol was put to an end. Completely off the market, it was not too long that Ovation Pharmaceuticals purchased the rights and began the production of Winstrol again. Making sure that Winstrol was pharmaceutical grade, they briefly provided the drug throughout the US, helping to set standards of production that are followed by other pharmaceutical companies around the world. While Ovation Pharmaceuticals would eventually shut down, the production of Winstrol had been restarted with a higher product quality.

Anabolic and Androgenic Ratio of Winny

Stanozolol is a dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived anabolic androgenic steroid, or more specifically the form is structurally altered. Stanozolol is the DHT hormone with two structural changes that give us the Winstrol compound. The first alteration is the initiation of an attached pyrazole group at the A-ring of the hormone substituting the 3-keto group. Just because of this adjustment Stanozolol officially classifies as a heterocyclic steroid. A methyl group is also attached to this hormone in order to protect hormone after application. 

This structural change occurs at the 17th carbon position officially classifying Stanozolol as a C17-alpha alkylated (C17-aa) anabolic steroid. As a result of the mixture of structural changes, there is a reduction of the hormone’s androgenic effect significantly and great increment in its anabolic power. Officially, Winny has an anabolic rating of 320 and an androgenic rating of 20. More importantly, its ratings translate perfectly in real life effects giving us an incredibly beneficial anabolic steroid. Also, we can mention that testosterone's rating is 100:100. Meaning, it is about three times as anabolic as testosterone is, and three times less androgenic.

Winstrol and Fat Burning

In some cases, Winstrol is used alone, while adding it to testosterone cycle is a great addiction leading to maximization of the loss in fat percentage and a rise in the rate of preservation of lean muscle mass. It is believed that through the help of Winstrol water retention can be avoided. This is more due to the fact that it does not aromatize, that is to say, that conversion of surplus testosterone hormone into estrogens is absent. Winstrol presents as an entirely safe anabolic, with low androgenic activity and high ability to burn fat. 

Another great feature of Stanozolol is that it is also the capability of increasing body strength without causing weight gain. This feature makes it a favorite choice among people who use it professionally or simple users who used it largely to get an appearance that looks hot, while the fat percentage is quite low. This is the simple reason that during cycling the level of natural testosterone reduces, what Winstrol does is that it helps to raise the amount of testosterone level. That, in turn, is making the preservation of the gained muscle mass possible, and increase the fat burning rates. 

Working-out intensively elevates the body strength indicators. Why not achieving some bulking effect once there is a high level of testosterone? First and foremost, the way Winny carries out its function is not intended for the purpose of building muscle mass. Since it is an ester free DHT steroid, based in the form of a 17-Alpha-Alkylated steroid (17-AA), it has about zero chances of acting this way. Also, when cutting, you are usually meant to be on a calorie deficit. Your supposed goal in this phase is to get rid of extra fat while preserving muscle mass. Winstrol is one drug which is privileged to have the characteristics that helps in speeding up the utilization of fat tissues to the degree that no other steroid is has been found to do.

Female Use of Winstrol

Winstrol has low androgenic effects, due to this, it is possibly one of the safest steroids used by women. Not only can it act as a capable fat burner but it can also be used for the purpose of bulking. When a high dosage is used for a long time, that is when the concern with Winstrol arises. It is advisable to use 5mg-10 mg of Stanozolol per day, that way it is well tolerated and reduces the risk of side effects almost to zero. The cycle has to be taken for just a maximum length of six weeks. If you do not use Winstrol according to the recommendation and with these measures, it can lead to the presence of side effects. 

Looking at the brighter side of steroids is that side effects are disruptive and disappear once the user is finished. Female steroid users are advised to discontinue the use of steroids if any of side effects are observed. Sadly neglecting these signs can lead to long-term side effects unable to treat or even reverse. Usually, men typically incorporate Winstrol only into cutting cycles as a way of burning fat, keeping gains, and hardening muscles, women may use it for bulking since their bodies respond differently to above-average levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Even the smallest boost puts their bodies into anabolic overdrive and creates the perfect atmosphere for building muscle. 


Winstrol binds well to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). Therefore it is a wise decision to stack this steroid so as to get the most out of it. Usually, users combine it with a more androgenic steroid to give it a kick. For example, trenbolone, testosterone, or Deca durabolin. If the decision is made to stack Winstrol with another oral, have it in mind that it can cause damage to the liver, especially if both are toxic to the liver compounds.


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